Client meetings!


So yesterday we met with our clients for the AIR program. These are the people that we're creating art for. There are 5 artists and 4 clients, meaning two would be in the same place. The clients are from the library, LTC, international center, and Artstreet. On Wednesday we went as a group with our portfolios and met with all the clients. They showed us the areas where they wanted work, and any specifics that we needed to know. Our job the next morning was to hash out who wanted to go where, which I was a bit nervous about.

After going around to all the places, I knew that I wanted to be on Artstreet, if possible. I'd be creating work for studio A1, which is a recording studio where bands practice. As a musician, I thought it was a perfect fit for me. Going into this morning, I was a little anxious and wondering if anyone else really wanted to be on Artstreet too. But to everyone's benefit, we all wanted different places, which was so cool. Our teacher was so excited that there were no hard feelings, and that we all wanted to tackle a different problem.

So, looks like I'll be making work for the studio! I'm super pumped, and on Friday I'll be able to work in there. I'll be taking measurements, making sketches, and brainstorming what I want to do. Can't wait til my work is up on the wall!