Crunch time

02.28.2012Well, our mini break is coming up - I'll be done with class tomorrow at 4:15 pm. One more day, one more day. Teachers are piling on the work, because when we get back, we really won't have much time until the end of the year. Crazy. So far, I have a project in almost every class, due when I get back from break. (I thought breaks were supposed to be breaks.) But alas... I have a typography project due the Monday we get back. I have two posters due for photography on the Tuesday after we get back. I have a typography midterm the Wednesday after we get back. I have a philosophy essay due that Wednesday as well. I have a publication design brochure due sometime that week. I have to get all my things ready for the sophomore review! It's a lot of stuff, but I'm actually somewhat excited about it. Fortunately, I love all my classes, so I don't exactly mind doing the work for them. I'm not leaving for home until Thursday morning, so I'm thinking I might work super hard to knock out a lot of these things so I don't have to worry about them over break. We'll see how that goes though.. after I'm done writing, I plan to conquer my brochure. And then make some progress on my photography posters. Perhaps tomorrow I will conquer the typography project. I'm mentally preparing myself to work very hard for the rest of today and tomorrow, so that I'll actually feel justified sitting on the couch and watching TV all break. :) Here's to lots of work, and lots of coffee.