Dance til we physically can't

08.29.2011As members of the 6th floor in Campus South, we’re in charge of party planning. Club 6, the substance free club, hosts dry parties for anyone to come to. We are on the floor and are officers, and thus in charge of planning the parties. The process is a lot more involved than you’d think. We first need to be in contact with the hosts who are letting us use their houses in the student neighborhood. We obviously must cater to their needs since they are generous enough to let us all invade. Then we need to get the party approved by KU so that we can make fliers and they can post them up as an event. We also need to be in contact with KU because they give us free pretzels and chips for events. The day of the party is quite hectic- we had our very first one this past Friday night. We had to make two trips from Campus South to the party site to carry the huge speakers, cornhole boards, amplifier, etc. Then we had to set everything up, which involved moving some furniture and getting the food out. Then it was time for fun. There were over 250 people there at once, covering the porch and the inside of the house. It was nuts- a much bigger turnout than we had ever expected. But everyone had so much fun; we danced for almost 4 hours straight, waking up to sore limbs and feet the next morning. Now that we know what we’re doing, parties should go even smoother- cannot wait for the next one.