Day to day summer life at UD


Living here in the summer is so much different than during the school year. With both ways, there are the up sides and the down sides. The biggest problem I find during the school year is that there isn't enough privacy or alone time that I, as an introvert, need from time to time. On the contrary, in the summer, sometimes I can feel a bit lonely when I look out across campus and see barely anyone outside.

Lately, however, I've had a really nice balance. My friend and I walk to work in the morning, and we're there from 9-4. Depending on how exhausting/physical my day is, I either come home and take a 20 minute power nap, or I go to the rec. (Today I went to the rec.) I have a few friends living on campus, so sometimes we'll meet up for dinner, or after dinner to hang out. A couple nights ago, 4 of us met up and played sand volleyball til the sun went down. Last night my friend invited me to get ice cream at Graeter's. And tonight, another friend invited me over for dinner before we run through the fountain later. Yes, we're going to run through the fountain. That's what happens when it's 95 degrees outside and there's spouting water in the middle of campus! I wouldn't be surprised to see others out there too.

All in all, I've definitely liked living here during the summer. But I do miss my family and friends at home, especially when my friends here are busy. Luckily, I already have some plans for this weekend, and I'll get to see a friend from home, so I'm looking forward to that for sure!