Decorah Eagles


What have I been doing in my spare time? Well, while most people probably browse Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia and the like, I watch an eagles nest. In Decorah, Iowa, someone put a camera up in an eagleÂ’s nest, and it broadcasts 24/7 on the Internet. So I can literally tune in at any time and check up on what the eagles are doing.

Currently? Sitting. Mom is sitting on the four babies (one of which is trying to escape.) Mom looks fairly annoyed about this but is remaining calm. Sometimes dad and mom are both up in the nest, looking around and pecking at the kids. ItÂ’s honestly one of the best things ever. I admit that IÂ’m big into the show Planet Earth, and anything nature related- IÂ’ve always found it fascinating.

I just think itÂ’s so crazy that I can tune in and watch the lives of a family of eagles at all times of the day, live. The other night I tuned in and while I was watching, mom fell asleep. (I fell asleep shortly after.) The next morning I tuned in for a minute, to find that the camera was covered in snow and ice, and that I couldnÂ’t see the eagles. Must have been a rough night weather wise. Later in the afternoon I checked back to see the next full of snow and the eagles all wet. Crazy. ItÂ’s kind of like theyÂ’re my pets.

So yeah. Welcome to the life of a college student, watching eagles in her spare time when sheÂ’s not doing homework. Cool, right? If you want to see them too, go here!