Doing things I don't usually do


This weekend has actually been pretty exciting! Last night I played piano and sang for IHOP – intense hour of praise. It was really fun. I’ve never actually sung before in front of people, so though it was a little bit scary, I liked it. Singing with a group made it a lot better. So there was one new experience.

Then today, 5 of my really close friends were in a dance recital. They’ve been practicing for a really long time now every weekend for this spring show. There were all different types of dance styles: belly dancing, jazz, tap, hip hop, lyrical, and ballroom. My friends were in belly dancing, lyrical, and ballroom. They all did so great! It was so fun to watch them. There turned out to be quite a crowd too, and our friends were all thankful that we came to watch them.

Tonight, I’m getting off campus! Our friends are going to see a movie at the Neon – I don’t know what or where this is, but apparently it’s pretty close by. Our sophomore friend has a car and so we’re all piling in to see Jane Eyre at 9:30. I’m really excited about this, because I haven’t been to a movie theater in such a long time. Even though campus is great, it’ll be nice to switch it up for a change. I’m looking forward to a great evening!