Ducks, a kitchen, and walls you can write on


A random assortment of phrases that seemingly don’t match. But there is a common thread : next year’s apartment. In the way of ducks, no, I do not mean real ones. We want a duck themed bathroom, equipped with rubber duckies and all. My roommates and I will be hunting for random duck patterned things for our bathroom, which is sure to be super cute.

A kitchen is maybe what I’m most excited about. I’m looking forward to making pancakes for my room on Sunday mornings – how awesome will that be? In terms of cooking, I’m not really that great. I now know how to make potato soup and tacos, in addition to pasta, grilled cheese, and all the other basics. I’m trying to learn how to cook more over the summer so that I can come back with some stellar recipes and surprise my roommates. As weird as it sounds, I’m really excited about making vegetables, because I feel like I didn’t get that many at the normal dining halls. (Mom, I know you’re probably proud.)

Another random exciting feature of our room is that the bathroom walls are tiled. This means they can be written on in dry erase marker without causing permanent damage. I plan to create large murals on the walls randomly to give the bathroom some pizzazz. Fun, right? Who knows, maybe I’ll just make a huge duck mural to fit the whole theme. We’ll have to see. :)