Easter festivities


I’m glad to be on break! Our family has quite a few Easter traditions that we do every year, and I’m excited to be back home to carry them all out.

Today, for example, we went to Stations of the Cross at a place called the Jesuit Retreat House. It’s basically a retreat center that extends its property back into the woods, where the stations are located. Our family has been doing this for 18 years now, and it’s one of my favorite parts about Easter. Something about praying outside is really great. When I say family, I don’t even necessarily mean relatives- today there were nearly 40 of us, relatives and friends included- I just refer to all of them as family.

Last night my mom and I dyed Easter eggs while my dad and brother made this Heath bar-like candy that we make every year. And the night before that, we went to Holy Thursday mass.

Tomorrow will be Easter, and in the morning we will get our Easter baskets from our parents- hopefully they’ll still hide them. Then we will go to 9:30 AM mass at our parish, and then head to my grandparent’s house with the whole family for brunch. There are generally pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, fruit- the whole nine yards. After we get back from my grandparents’, my immediate family prepares to have everyone over here for Easter dinner. There are usually about 18 of us or something like that in our house, which is crazy, but fun.

So glad I could be home for it all.