11.02.2011If I had to estimate, I’d say that 92% of the time, standing on the elevator is awkward. I live on the 6th floor, and walking up the stairs is almost never appealing after coming home from a long day at class. So trust my 92% statistic. In this blog I will set out to summarize the various awkward elevator situations. The awkward texter Sometimes you get stuck with the kid who feels too awkward to not take out his or her phone. Perhaps he or she is really texting. Perhaps they’re hitting buttons on their phone to pass the time. Either way, I find the awkward texters to be the most common. (I’m guilty of this one, especially because I don’t usually know the other person I’m with in the elevator.) The I-have-my-music-way-too-loud kid Sometimes you get stuck with the boy who is blasting ACDC a thousand times too loud in his headphones. When you ask, “what floor?” there is no reply, because his eardrums are being blown out by electric guitar solos and constant cymbal hitting. The whole floor on one elevator group Sometimes in the morning, the door opens to a pack of about 36 kids, all with bookbags, and all of who try to squeeze in the same elevator. “There’s room!” they say. There’s really not. And generally all of them are a good foot taller than me, so I feel extremely claustrophobic as my face butts up to someone else’s bookbag. The I’m-way-too-excited-to-see-my-friends-on-the-elevator group This happened just now. I was on the elevator with a girl standing behind me, when 2 other girls got on the elevator and screamed “SAAMMMMM!!!!!!!!!” I was in the middle of these people, and they talked very loudly through my ears, since I couldn’t move.