This summer has the potential to be crazy awesome. Let me explain from the beginning.

I was in a band last summer/school year with some of my friends from grade school. We were actually pretty good, and it was a ton of fun just playing with them. It was funny because I have been playing piano all my life, but in the band I played drums, which I had just recently picked up. We were in the high school Rock Off (kind of like Battle of the Bands) and everything, and it was really cool.

Now one of the boys in the band has an older brother who is also in a band, and they’re insanely good. They’ve won the Rock Off, and I’ve heard them play. They’re all extremely talented. I got a message from one of the boys explaining to me that their keyboardist would be away this summer doing an internship, and they would love me to audition to take his place for that time period. Obviously I’m going to audition! I’m so excited. I know they’re also auditioning someone else, so if I don’t make it that’s okay. But how crazy would that be if I did?! Ahh. That would be so exciting.

So I’m hoping I get the spot. If not, then hey, at least I tried. But hopefully I can be back on stage again this summer playing the instrument that I truly love.