Fall 2012

03.27.2012By the end of next Monday, I'll know a lot of things. Namely, where I'm living and what classes I'm taking in the fall. This week is going to be nerve racking! I'm going through the housing lottery for the first time. Apparently, your group gets a time that they can pick where they're living. The time for Friday is emailed out on Thursday, and I guess we have only 2 minutes to get on when it's our time slot and pick a place to live. Ah! That's so scary! Luckily two of the girls in my group have gone through the lottery before, so they know what to expect. We're hoping to live in the new apartments currently being built! They're the Caldwell apartments, located on Brown street, basically right across from the CPC where I'll have almost all my classes. If somehow we don't make it into those, we're going to try for Lawnview apartments, next to Campus South. And if all else fails, we'll live in Gardens. Any way you slice it, we'll have a place to live, so that's good news haha. In terms of classes, I register on Monday at 4pm. I'm hoping to get into the following: Illustration, Design processes II, Typography II, History of Visual Communication Design, and a Social Sciences class. I decided not to jam another class in there, because I'm pretty ahead of the game in terms of gen-eds, and I'll be in three pretty demanding studio courses. Hopefully all goes well in both housing and class registering, and everything will work out as planned!!