Fall Semester in Picture Form

06.21.2012 | Campus and Community

Alright - this is the first time I've created a photo gallery in a blog, so I'm pretty excited! I don't know about you, but when looking back on a semester/year/some amount of time, I always look to photographs to tell the story. I've included 8 images that don't even come close to showing all the things that happened this semester, but they are some of my favorites. I'll tell you the memories and significance of each one; they all stand for some of my favorite moments of the fall 2012 semester.

1. Me standing on the ledge of Caldwell
This was probably not allowed. But I think this actually happened in November - we had a freak warm day, and a friend and I were playing frisbee in the green space. We both really didn't want to do any homework, and instead had the lovely idea of trying to climb up onto the ledge near the arch of the Caldwell apartments. That's obviously what we did. I got up there just by pulling myself up, (I was fairly impressed that I had enough arm strength to do so,) and my friend took this picture.

2. Guitar/piano/lights
These are some of my favorite things in our apartment. They are also some of my biggest distractions. When I get in a rut with homework, I go over to the keyboard or grab my guitar. Singalongs often break out among roommates and friends. The lights stay up all year round, and make the place so homey - I love our apartment.

3. Me in a fox costume near the bushes
For Halloween, I wanted to be warm. In brainstorming what kinds of costumes would be warm and comfortable, the idea of the 'onesie' came to mind. I found a fox onesie at Target, bought it, and wore it out on Halloween. Pretending I was an actual fox, (yes, this was necessary,) my friend got pictures of me crawling around by bushes, shrubs, etc.

4. New license!
I turned 21! A great age for many reasons. One that I was particularly excited about was getting a new license with an up to date photo. In my previous license, I'm pretty sure I had long hair and braces.

5. Cat on books
This evil looking cat, who was actually very sweet, belonged to a lady who owned a letterpress in Yellow Springs. Her studio is called Strong Heart Press, where our printmaking class went to set metal type and make some pretty awesome prints for a series we're exhibiting next year!

6. Designers of Herman Miller Furniture Book
This was my Typography II final project. We worked on this book for MONTHS and it's always awesome to see the final product. I'm really happy with how this thing turned out!

7. Me + roommates
I just love this picture of the three of us (our fourth roommate wasn't in this photo, sadly!) But I'm so glad to be living with these people - love em so much.

8. Christmas tree
This was the big tree on campus right after being lit at the tree lighting ceremony for Christmas on Campus. Obviously, this night was a great way to really bring the Christmas spirit, and an ideal way to wind down the semester.

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