Feeding the birds!

01.08.2012I've gotten up early the past two mornings to do something insanely awesome. In the metroparks near my house, every Saturday and Sunday the bird feeders are taken down near a lodge, and people can feed the birds right out of their hands. My aunt had been telling us about it, and so our family went yesterday morning. Basically, the people working in the lodge give you sunflower seeds, and you stick your hands out over a little fence that normally encloses the the bird feeders. Since the feeders aren't there, the birds come right to you. They fly up and land on your hand, eat some seeds, then fly away. The birds that were there were chickadees and titmouse - both adorable. I loved it so much yesterday that I came back with one of my friends this morning. And no doubt, the birds were there and hungry. We got a lot of them that came to us. One actually was bold enough to try and eat my fingers - I didn't very much appreciate it. I would do this every morning if I could. Something about it is just so awesome, and it's such a peaceful way to start the morning. A lot of silence, and a lot of birds who aren't afraid of you - basically an ideal situation for me. I'm hoping I can still do this during the summer. If not, maybe I'll try exchanging the bird feeder at my house for my hands.