First day on the job, technically.


The AIR (Artist In Resident) program is off to a bit of a slow start, but that's because we need to get all the beginning details down. But let me tell you how today went.

First, I woke up to the sound of church bells coming from the chapel, which was quite a beautiful alarm. Forgetting where I was, I opened my blinds to see the wonderful green space out my window, and the other side of Marycrest - aha, that's where I am. I made coffee, finding it weird that I no longer had a kitchen and had to get my water from the drinking fountain down the hall. I ate breakfast, then finalized the rest of my room, and then got some artwork together for my job.

At 2:47 I went to my car because I had a meeting at 3. I came to find a lovely yellow envelope on the windshield - $25.00 parking ticket - "wrong lot." I was confused, and drove to the CPC a bit annoyed. At 2:57, I scanned my ID at the CPC front door, only to receive a red light. I couldn't get in. I went around to the side door, which, thank God, was propped open, and scrambled up the stairs to the second floor, setting off the door alarm upon arrival since my ID didn't work there either.

My meeting went well, though, and all the other artists seem really great - we're hanging out tomorrow to look at what previous residents made other years, so that will be fun. On Wednesday we meet with our clients who will show us the spaces we'll be creating work for! At 4:24, my meeting ended and I ran down to parking services to explain my confusion. Luckily the woman working made my ticket a warning instead, and now I know where I am allowed to park, so hopefully know more yellow envelopes!!!

And now that this wonderfully long blog is over, I'm going outside to play frisbee with a friend, and enjoy the rest of the night!