For Lent

02.24.2013 | Catholic

Many people give things up for Lent - candy, Facebook, coffee, etc. While I like the idea of giving something up, it does not necessarily connect me to God in a way that is beneficial for me. (I'm not saying that it isn't beneficial for those who do it; I'm just talking about myself personally.) Instead of giving something up, I always look to do something extra. This Lent, however, I was brainstorming what I could do extra. But I was getting discouraged because my schedule is so hectic. I thought that maybe I could go to the 12:05 masses on weekdays, but I have classes at noon every day.

Fortunately, I came up with something that I've grown to like quite a bit - praying while walking. Generally when I'm walking, my mind is running in a thousand different directions; I'm worrying about things I need to do, of homework I need to get done, etc. I thought, "Kaitlin, you could be using that time to pray and connect with God." I've been trying it out with the Rosary as I walk, and I was able to say a whole Rosary on the way to and from work, which is pretty cool. I realized that when I got to work I felt fairly calm, and not so hyped up from all the swirling thoughts that are normally there.

I honestly think this "something extra" for Lent is something that I'll try to make a regular occurrence when I'm walking. It's very centering, not to mention it is a great metaphor for 'walking with God.' I'm glad this thought came to me this Lent - you should try it too, if it sounds like something that would be beneficial to you!


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