Fort night

10.06.2011Last Friday, our family room area was made into something great. For whatever reason, we decided to convert it into a fort. We got out all the blankets and sheets we could find and rearranged the furniture accordingly. We stood on chairs and hung blankets up from the ceiling. We used paperclips and chip clips to hold the hanging pieces together. And sometimes we even used wire to suspend sheets from the ceiling. It was pretty official, and highly comfortable. The fort stayed in place until two nights ago- we were sad to take it down before break, but decided it’d probably be for the better. It was actually a nice little getaway from the outside world; it was a peaceful little thing. The boys across the hall challenged our fort by building one of their own. We like to think that ours was better, even though theirs was pretty good too. Andddd, this is what we do in college sometimes. We’re probably going to erect another fort once we all get back from break- the family room seems kind of empty without it.