Getting anxious

08.09.2011It’s a little over a week before I move in, and I’m getting anxious. It’s a mix of excitement and nervousness – but more excitement. There will always be a part that is nervous though… it’s like that feeling you get in grade school when you’re nervous about how your homeroom class is going to be. I’m a little nervous about classes, since they are hard, and I’m a little nervous about how everything’s going to go with 6 girls living in the same apartment. I really do think it will be okay, though. And that’s why I’m super excited. We all come at different times. My roommate will be moved in by the 13th. Another will be there on the 18th. I move in on the 19th, along with one other. The fifth roommate comes on the 21st, and the last is coming from Spain on the 24th, I believe. I honestly think this is nice, because if 6 of us were trying to move in at the same time, it would be mass insanity. I remember last year, I sat in the backseat of our car, smashed up against this metal shelf with my printer on it. Thankfully this year will be a lot less cramped in the car. I am fortunately taking my car to school, so I will have that one plus my parents’. I should have ample space this time, which is great, and I am looking forward to the drive down because it’ll only bring me closer to school.