Getting buried before break!

04.03.2012Things just keep piling up! After tonight the coast should look a little bit clearer, at least. Today is a very very busy day. I have class at 1:30-3:20, then I am starting a new graphic design job at the LTC in the library at 3:30-5:00. Then I'll probably eat dinner quickly afterwards, since I am meeting with my friend at 7 to practice a song for Strings Night on April 11th. I'm accompanying her on piano - she's playing Vivaldi's "Spring" (how appropriate), and it should be awesome. However, I haven't gone over the song yet, so I'm sure this first practice will be a little shaky. But that's okay! I know we'll pull it off. I'm a little nervous to start work today! I have no idea what to expect, other than that the LTC needs graphic design help in a variety of areas. They seemed pretty excited about bringing me in to work with them, so I'm hoping I don't let them down. I'm sure the hour and a half will fly by, and I'm pretty excited to see what they'll have me do. Plus, I can add all the work I'll be doing to my portfolio which will look good to employers! Tonight I think I will finish packing - I'm trying to bring a lot of winter stuff home so I don't have to bring everything back on the last day. I still don't know when I'm leaving for home - I'm hoping my 3:00 lecture gets cancelled tomorrow; if it doesn't, I'll probably leave early Thursday morning so that I don't have to deal with rush hour. But I'd say there's a 33% chance it may get cancelled, in which case I could leave by 2:30ish! (I hope that's the case.) Gotta push through til break! Happy Easter everyone!