Hire me?


I just noticed that today is Friday the 13th, which could explain my bad luck at finding a job. For the past week now, I’ve been running around places and practically jumping on “Now hiring” signs, though there aren’t many. Even the ice cream shops are done hiring for the season. I’m feeling pretty discouraged. I’ve applied at about 10-12 places now, and I’ve emailed 5 or so graphic design firms to see if I can get an internship. I’ve also been emailing people who know people who are graphic designers, who are sending my resume to various locations.


The only definite thing I’ve heard is one of those sympathetic sounding, “we regret to inform you” emails from Teavana, a place I applied to in the mall. I’ve also heard a lot of, “Ohh sorry, we’re done hiring for the season,” as well as, “We’ll keep your application on file!” Not good enough. I’d love for someone to say, “Yes we’re hiring! Yes you should work here now!” Unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet.

My impatience is preventing me from waiting to hear from places, so I keep going around every day applying to more, and getting more impatient. It’s a vicious cycle, really. And I happen not to like it very much at all.

So to anyone who is reading this, cross your fingers right now and pray that I get a call from someone saying they want to hire me. That’s what I’ve been doing in my spare time.