YES. Finally got a job! And it’s actually at the first place I ever applied to. It’s at a little garden center literally 2 minutes away from my house, so that’s super convenient. I had an interview this morning and it apparently went well because the woman who interviewed me put me down to start this Saturday morning at 9. I’ll be doing cashiering, stocking, phone answering, and anything else that needs to be done like watering flowers, etc.

I’m a little bit nervous to be honest. A lot was thrown at me today and I don’t remember half of it. I’ve been trying to remember everything that everyone there said, and where different products are so that I don’t feel so behind when I start in a couple days. When I got home I was a big nerd and started looking up different types of flowers and garden-center-related things so that I might be impressive to the boss. Haha. Anything I can do to get a head start, you know?

Anyways, I’m just so glad that I got a job somewhere this summer. And since it’s a garden center, it has decent hours, and it’s really really close by. All the more reason I’m happy that I got hired there. :)