I learned how to fly

07.28.2011No big deal. But really- I did. Our family and another family went to a place called Hocking Hills in Ohio. We rented out this huge house in the middle of the woods and planned to hike and do nature-related things for the week. First up on the list of things to do? Zip line through the woods. We went to this zip line place and got ourselves all geared up in harnesses and hooks and helmets and more harnesses (so it seemed.) Then we were ready to go. Our guides took us on a practice zips where they hooked us up to a line and had us practice braking. We would need to brake because we’d be zipping from one platform to another, and if we came in too fast, we might scrape our shins on the steps we needed to have our feet land on. Then we got to the real course which consisted of 10 zip lines, the highest of which would be up almost 70 feet in the air, and nearly 60 feet long. Our guides would hook us up to the line and we’d hang on and just go, flying over the trees and over rivers and rocks. It was crazy!! And not to mention, so much fun. So maybe I didn’t really learn how to fly, but I’d like to think that zip lining comes pretty close.