I love spring, but...


UGH. Allergies. Today the weather has been really warm. And I’ve been outside doing some things because I want to be enjoying the nice weather. But my allergies are absolutely killing me. It’s odd though, because I never had allergies until around this time last year. Now all the sudden they’re popping up out of nowhere, and I don’t really appreciate it.

Why yes, Claritin, my allergies have been putting me in a fog.

My eyes are burning, and I’ve been blowing my nose continuously. All the while, I’ve been trying to do homework. But I’ve finally taken a break from reading my sociology articles to write a short blog about this whole situation. I really just don’t feel like reading or writing essays. But I have three essays due next Thursday that I need to be working on. Right now though, I feel like my attempts to write anything will be pretty incoherent and not as good as they should be. I’m even struggling writing this blog, so I don’t think it would be a good idea to embark on my history paper tonight.

In other news, my morning class was canceled due to sophomore review. Sophomore review is a process that all sophomore art majors go through where the faculty looks at all their work up until this point, and decides whether or not the student should keep pursuing the major. Pretty intense. As a result, the art building is closed so I don’t have my art history class at 9:00. I get to sleep in!! If I was smart, I’d get up at the normal time and head down to the library to do some work, but, I feel as though I could use the rest.

Here’s to sleeping and feeling better in the morning.