Ideas: proposed


Today was a pretty fulfilling day. I sent in a proposal of my ideas for the Artstreet to my clients today - they got back to my really quickly and picked one of them that they want to further discuss with me.

In short, here's the idea they like: I'm going to record different instruments on my recording program. The program enables me to see the sound waves for each instrument - they'll all look similar, but different too. I'm going to blow up these sound waves really big and somehow transfer them onto four 3.5' panels to be hung on the wall in the studio. *whew* I've got my work cut out for me. It may involve some wood cutting and hammering... it may involve painting... it may involve computer illustration - or all 3. I don't really know yet! But I guess we'll find out soon. I'm getting anxious now.

So yeah, today was pretty good! To top it all off, the bookstore was cooking out free hotdogs and hamburgers. So I stopped and got a hamburger, potato salad, and chips on my lunch break. College students will never turn down free food. That was very exciting.

Looking forward to what the future has in store!