In my freetime, I design.

12.31.2011I keep re-discovering how blessed I am to have a found a major that fits me so well. Not only are my classes interesting, but I do independent projects outside of class, like now. While I’ve been on break, I made a mini prayer book, and have completely redesigned my website. I’ve also done some work in Photoshop, and recently I’ve been creating Vera Bradley-ish patterns in Adobe Illustrator. Graphic design is so versatile – it’s not just one job. It includes anything from layout design, to creating logos, business cards, letterheads – doing photography, illustration, web design, clothing design, anything. I don’t get bored with this at all. I’ve learned how to do so many different things, and I am super excited for a potential career in this field. I saw in the newspapers that graphic design was voted one of the most fun jobs, and I believe it. I really do love what I do, so much so that I work on projects over my Christmas break, just because I want to. I want to learn more about all the computer programs, about photo editing, about html code, about fonts, about what makes a design visually appealing. I’m so blessed to have found the major for me, and I can’t wait to continue it next semester.