In the heat


For two days in a row now, I've been outside in this crazy hot weather, but it's been a lot of fun. On Friday night, I went to a parade in Vandalia for the kick off of the Dayton Air Show which happened this weekend. Two of my good friends are co-ops at GE Aviation in Vandalia, and they had created a float in the parade, so I came to see it/them. It was a pretty cool event, but it was really hot! There were people there passing out popsicles, which was much appreciated.

Yesterday was the air show, and because my two friends work for GE, they got free tickets with access to GE's air conditioned tent. It also came with a free coffee mug, free breakfast, lunch, and snacks, which was awesome. Even though there was air conditioning, we opted to stay outside for most of the day to get the best view of the planes. For one who doesn't know much about planes like myself, it was actually pretty cool and exciting to watch. I especially liked all the tricks and loops that some of the planes could do, and of course, the Blue Angels were amazing.

I took the day today to just relax- the heat tends to drain my energy! My shoulders are a bit sunburned, but overall it was a really cool weekend! I'm thankful to have such cool friends who can get me into events for free. :)