Installation day


I'm basically done with my project and scheduled to install the work this coming Tuesday. I honestly couldn't be more excited! I've spent the past 2 months working on my pieces, and the 8 foot soundwaves are finally complete and ready to hang.

I couldn't really grasp how big 8' was until I saw them all put together - they're lying on 2 tables next to me as we speak and they are pretty darn huge. This morning I went to the room they'll be in, Artstreet studio A1, and mapped out where on the wall they'll be hung. Until then, I'm just waiting anxiously to see them up on the wall for good.

On September 11th, there will be an event called Art Hop where anyone can come look around at the art we made this summer. It's from 4-7 PM and we'll be meeting in the Rike Center (CIP) and going from there! I'm really excited for everyone to see our work, and for us to get to talk about our process and how we went about creating the pieces we made. You - yes you- should come! Tuesday September 11th - see you there!