Jack's Mannequin!


Oh my goodness.

JackÂ’s Mannequin came to DaytonÂ’s arena last night. (For those who may not know who or what that is, JackÂ’s Mannequin is a band that plays alternative style music. One of my friends thought JackÂ’s Mannequin was a puppet show.)

Anyhow- my friends and I had gotten tickets at school the first day they went on sale, which was a while ago. The concert snuck up so fast. We all loaded onto shuttles around 6:30 or so to get to the arena. There was a news crew for the Dayton CW on our bus, and we got interviewed when we got off. All of us said we were very excited. I however, was especially excited out of my friends because it was my third time seeing JackÂ’s Mannequin. So IÂ’ve seen how good their shows are: this one was the best yet, IÂ’d say.

They played for almost 2 hours, I’d say, and I knew every song except one, which was from a CD that hasn’t been released yet. So basically, I knew every song. And many of the people around me knew almost every song too. At one point the lead singer/piano player got up on top of the piano and jumped off – he’s done this at the 2 other shows I’ve seen as well. He also played a harmonica solo, which was something new amazing. I absolutely loved it and my friends and I had a great time. For only $20, it was insanely worthwhile.