Jonathan Robert

02.07.2012I am an aunt!!!! My brother had a baby last Wednesday. He and his wife didn't find out if it was a boy or girl til the day of, so of course all of us were so anxious to find out. I was in class and I got the text from my mom, "Jonathan Robert. 9 lbs 0 ounces." I was so excited. When I got out of class I sent a mass text to all my friends telling them of the news. I wanted so badly to be up in Boston to see him. My parents flew up on Thursday and I was getting picture messages all day. Jonathan was apparently super sleepy during the day, so in most of the pictures he had his eyes closed. My brother said he cried all during the night though - poor little thing! His timing is all off! I've gotten numerous other pictures of him from my parents' visit - he is SO cute. I cannot wait to meet him. It's so weird to think that I'm an aunt!! But it's really cool at the same time. I hope he enjoys the lamb stuffed animal I bought him. :) Can't wait to see you, little buddy!