Last minute trip to Cleveland


Can't miss the Fourth with the family!

I had been in a bit of a pickle since the 4th of July fell on a Wednesday this year. My family always has a huge all day get together, which is one things of the whole summer. I didn't want to miss it, but I only got one day off work (Wednesday,) and not any days on either end. I didn't think I would be able to come home, and was pretty sad about missing everything with my family.

But on Tuesday, I finished all I possibly could at work 2 hours early, and it only takes 3 to drive home. I called my mom and told her I thought I would come home so I could be with everyone on the 4th, and drive back Thursday morning. This is precisely what I did. I got home Tuesday night in time to eat dinner with my parents, and then I was able to spend all of Wednesday with my family. It was an ideal Fourth of July - swimming and eating all day long. I drove back this morning and it unfortunately rained most of the way; I ended up basically driving straight to work, so I'm pretty tired! But it was definitely worth it!