Left hand, right brain

10.18.2010Yes, I’m a lefty. Naturally, I do most things left handed – writing, eating, throwing, etc. Therefore I refer to my left hand as my dominant hand, and I’m used to “lefty” type things applying to me in general. But what side of my brain do I use? Hm.

I took a psychology class in high school where we analyzed whether we were left brained or right brained. I scored right in the middle- I wasnÂ’t necessarily one or the other. Lately though, this is changing. How?

Well, IÂ’m an art major. IÂ’m taking two design classes and a drawing class. For me, this is completely different than high school, where I had the occasional art class mixed in with math, English, biology, or history. Actually in my whole high school career, I took a total of two art classes. I always did art for fun on the side though, because I just loved doing it. But never before has art been my primary focus. Now that it is, I have been favoring the right side of my brain. I have been thinking much more creatively and imaginatively- like an artist.

I think it’s so awesome that I can wake up in the morning and be so excited to go to class. Doing art is what I love, and the fact that I am finally able to focus my attention on it is such an amazing thing. Half the time I get back to my room and think, “Wow, I get to draw for homework? That’s so cool.” It’s something I actually want to do.

Left hand, right brain. ThatÂ’s how I operate nowadays, and I wouldnÂ’t trade it for anything.