Life through lenses

09.10.2011I have been looking at life a little bit differently lately. I mean this in the most literal sense. I’m looking through camera lenses quite a bit. This is very exciting to me. I’ve always liked taking pictures, and now I have to for school. That’s what I call fun homework. I’m in 2 classes thus far that are requiring photography for assignments: a class called visual form, and photography 101. In visual form my first project is to find all the letters of the alphabet in objects or nature, etc. This seems like it might be easy at first, but it’s required that all our pictures have a common theme. I decided I’d make my theme “metal,” so every letter I find has to be created in a metal object. It’s tough, but awesome.\ Photo 101, on the other hand, is a black and white darkroom based photography class. So we’re using film, and not digital. I’ve never ever used film, nor have I been exposed to anything in the darkroom. We’ll be shooting and developing on our own and I am SO excited to learn about how the darkroom works. (I’m also hoping I’ll learn how to see in there without stumbling into tables and people.) So, life has been pretty cool when viewed differently. Narrowing my vision forces me to really look at something, and see it in a way I’ve never seen it before- that’s what I love about life through lenses.