M fest


There’s a big event going on this Saturday on Artstreet. It’s called M fest, which is held to kick off mental health awareness week. Baiscally it’s a full day of art and music and things like that, from 1-8PM. Anyone who wants is able to submit artwork that will be hung up around Artstreet. I think I may submit the self portrait we’re currently working on in drawing class. I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish it up tomorrow so that I can turn it in to submit. I’m really excited and I hope it’ll make it into the exhibition or whatever it is they’re having.

Also that night, a band I like (Five Times August) is going to be playing on Artstreet!! Tickets are only $5, which is awesome. I’m definitely planning on going to see them play, since I really like them as it is. A few of my friends will probably come with me too, which will be extra fun, and something different to do on a Saturday night.

In addition to M fest all day, my aunt is going to be in Dayton for a women’s basketball game. She’s coming to visit me in the afternoon and we’re going to get food somewhere off campus. Yes! I’m really excited to see her. And I’m really excited about M fest, and I’m hoping my self portrait gets into the exhibition!

I’m sure I’ll update this once I found out if my piece made it. Until then, see ya!