Making my rounds

08.15.2011Everything is starting to wind down. It’s weird. Numerically speaking, this summer has been the longest one I’ve ever had. Did it feel this way? Of course not. In retrospect it flew. And now everything is coming to a close. I can’t decide if I’m excited or sad or feeling nostalgic or what. Perhaps all of the above. I’m finished with work – I’ll miss the garden center. This might sound lame, but it’s been really cool to watch plants start out as little green stems, and blossom into huge tomatoes or 5 foot sunflowers by the end of it all. I got together for dinner with my extended family for the last time last night, and I know I’ll miss them like crazy. I’ve hung out with high school friends for the last time before we’ll all be going our separate ways again. Seeing them again made me realize how much I actually did miss them. Missing people is a funny concept. I suppose nobody likes to miss anybody, but I think it’s kind of nice to have the opportunity to miss people, because that way it’s all the more exciting when you see them again. That’s the way I think of it at least. And I’ve decided that I’ve been missing my college friends for too long now. I can’t wait to see everyone.