Making things!

10.23.2011This is going to sound odd, but I actually am getting excited to do my homework. It’s all stuff that I would want to do in my spare time, like do work in Photoshop or Illustrator… design posters and books and collages! I made a hardcover book from scratch – it looks awesome. It might be the best thing I’ve made in terms of design, and I’m really excited because I can show it at interviews. It’ll definitely be a big asset to my portfolio. For another class I had to make a postcard, using a picture I had taken of a city. I used Chicago pictures from this summer, and designed a postcard with seagulls on the top and the city on the bottom. It looks pretty cool, and I’m excited to print it out. Another odd assignment I had was to make a portrait of a person out of food items in Photoshop. I ended up doing the actress Ellen Page- her skin is made out of rice, her lips are red jalapeƱo peppers, her shirt is jelly beans, etc etc. In a not-so-fun project, I literally just finished making a Powerpoint for a physics presentation I have to give this Tuesday. Blah. Though I’m actually sort of excited to give the presentation- I’ve found that I’m pretty decent at public speaking! Hopefully all goes well, and all the things I make turn out like I want them. Here’s to creating!