Megabus, megabad

07.12.2011So I went to Chicago on the Megabus to visit one of my friends from school last week. The way there was fine, though the bus was 40 minutes late from the start, which was a little bit annoying seeing as I was anxious to get there. I spent the week at my friend’s house and it was a ton of fun. The first day I got in, we explored the city, which I had never actually seen before. I absolutely loved it. The lake and the buildings and the gardens were all so beautiful. The next day we went to the beach that was massive compared to the crappy beaches in Ohio. The rest of the week we hung out at her house with her family, and I got to meet some of her friends from high school, which was really cool too. My bus was scheduled to leave at 4:15 PM on July 8th, so my friend and I decided to get down to the city early so that we would be there in plenty of time. We were by the lake for a while and were going to hang out there before I had to get to the bus stop which was only 5 minutes away from where we were – 10 minutes with traffic, so no big deal, right? Wrong. I missed the bus. Every road that we needed to go on to get to the station was closed. There were dozens of detours, and one way street. And every time a light turned green, people would be stuck in the intersection from the previous light, so nobody would move. We missed every light twice, and as we pulled up to the station 2 minutes late, we saw the bus pulling away down another street. Needless to say, I was angry. And my friend felt awful. But we had allowed for a half hour extra time to get me there early, so in no way was it our fault. It ended up that she had to drive me half way home, and my parents had to meet us half way. And though it was inconvenient for everyone, I made it home safe and sound, and about 10 minutes before I would have gotten home had I taken the bus.