Memorable Memorial Day weekend


It’s been a busy busy weekend. Some friends from school and I had planned a Cedar Point trip at the end of the year for Saturday, May 28th. So on Friday, two of my friends drove in and stayed with me at my aunt’s lake house, which is only a half hour from Cedar Point. That way, we wouldn’t have to leave so early in the morning.

We got to Cedar Point around 10 and met up with 6 of our other friends – it was great to see them again. We went on just about every ride there. And I finally conquered the Dragster- it’s the one that shoots you off at 120 mph and goes straight up insanely high, and drops you back down. My friends mistakenly told me that there would be a bar coming over my chest, but there was only a lap bar, which freaked me out quite a bit. Luckily, I didn’t fall out.

Then on Sunday morning, I had to work 9-1 and my two friends were going to leave while I was gone. I said by to them in the morning and went to work pretty bummed out. But when I came back, their car was still there and my mom told me to grab my bathing suit because we were all going to go swimming at my grandma’s pool. I was really surprised and was so glad I got to spend more time with them.

Yesterday I worked in the morning, and it was a pretty busy shift. Then I went swimming for a little bit. And then we went to my aunt’s house for a cook out. It was really nice. Today I haven’t done much of anything except wake up and write this blog. I work 2-8 today…hopefully it won’t go by too slowly!