Mini break!

10.11.2011It was much needed, and it was good. I got back on Wednesday night to a lovely dinner and a new looking house- we got the front of it redone since I’ve been gone. My parents and I just hung out that night, and it was nice. The next day I went to visit my cousin who had twins just before school started. They’re getting pretty big, and are obviously super cute. That night I went out to dinner with my aunt, which was great- I miss my extended family a lot when I’m at school. The next day was a relaxing day at home, and the weather was great. I did some homework and played Frisbee and sat around outside. And dinner? Steak and baked potatoes. YUM. Steak is much too expensive for us college kids to afford. At night we all sat and watched tv, and I was able to see my favorite show Fringe, having caught up on the previous episodes of the new season. On Saturday, my dad and I played tennis which was fun- I miss playing when I’m at school. Then we went out to dinner to a really good burger place. Then it was already Sunday! After church, we decided to drive down to Columbus to go to Easton mall. (My birthday is coming up in November!) Easton mall is massive- probably 5x the size of the Greene. After dinner I drove back the hour and a half to school, with 3 full bags of groceries and another duffle bag full of clothes. It was like I was moving in again. Now I have a full closet and a full shelf of food, and life is pretty darn good.