10.13.2011I’ve been exposed to so much of it recently and it’s AWESOME. I’ve listened to it and played it in so many different capacities this semester. For one thing, I’m a music minister, so I’ve had to learn and play new Church music including the new mass parts and songs in general. I also sometimes just go to Artstreet, get a practice room, and mess around on the piano like I normally do. That’s always a nice stress reliever. Secondly, one of my friends is in a music class, so she knows when all the concerts are coming. She’s required to go to a certain amount of them, so when she goes, she lets me know. I’ve tagged along for 3 so far. The first was the incredible pianist who played Schubert, Chopin, and Debussy. He was great. The second was a classical guitarist. I’ve never heard classical guitar before but it was crazy! His fingers moved lightning fast over the strings, and it sounded like there were 3 guitarists playing. Then last night, we went to see a string quartet who played sonatas by Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven. This was the best concert yet- I’ve never seen better violinists than them. As for me, I have two friends who are violinists. Perhaps we were inspired by the concert last night, but we just made plans to meet in a practice room tonight and play- a jam session of sorts. I’ve never played piano with two violinists before, so I’m so insanely excited. It’ll be a great way to close out the week.