My calendar...Oh brother


It’s so full of stuff. But I think that’s okay. I think I might just put this blog in list form, because that will be the easiest way to organize it.

Here’s what’s been going on lately:

-I’ve been painting and drawing a lot

-I’ve been working on an art history project and doing a lot of research at the library

-My art history group and I have been failing at planning a time to meet

-I played for Stuart Mass last night in the chapel

Here’s what I have going on tonight and the rest of the week:

-I need to paint and draw a lot

-I am meeting with my sociology group tonight as soon as I finish this blog, because we have a debate.

-I have a second sociology midterm tomorrow

-My parents are going to be in town on Friday!

-Relay for Life is going to be happening all day Saturday and into Sunday morning.

Yikes. Lots to do, but it’s coming along slowly but surely. It’s dinnertime now though, so I’m off to Marycrest!