My Month Home


I'd say I've spent it pretty well. This summer was pretty cool, since I got to be in Dayton with friends from school, and got to work on a pretty awesome and original project. (And get paid for it!) Now, as my month back home winds down, I realize that this was a summer well-spent.

At home, I've gotten to see my family often, who I definitely missed when I was in Dayton. I've gone fishing with my aunt and grandpa 3 or 4 times now, which is one of my favorite things to do. (I'm not as huge of a fan of baiting the hook or taking the fish off, though.) I've also gotten to see my family every Sunday night for our weekly family dinners, a tradition I miss the most when I'm at school.

I've also been fortunate enough to see friends from back home - I'm so glad there's a group of us who still keep in touch from high school. I was out one night getting coffee with a friend, and we happened to run into 3 other kids from high school who I hadn't seen in probably 2 years, so it was a blast catching up with them and hearing about all the things they're doing in college.

When I'm not seeing friends, I'm working on some graphic design stuff, doing random projects, watching the Olympics, or keeping up with friends from school. I'm sad for the summer to end, because it was a really good one, but I'm super excited for school to start, and to see all my friends there!