Mylife(not at)

06.29.2011It feels like a while since I last blogged, so how about a little life update? Lately, a lot of my life has been consumed with the Wimbledon tennis tournament. It’s on every morning when I wake up, so I’ve been watching since the very beginning. It’s getting down into the semi-finals for the men and women, and thus far there have been some pretty surprising upsets. (I played varsity tennis all four years in high school, so I’m a big fan of the sport.) And of course watching tennis makes me want to play more, so I’ve been lucky enough to get out on the court a few times in the past couple weeks. As usual too, I’ve been working. Yesterday I watered trees for four hours. Four hours! I’m building up quite the farmers tan- I’m sure everyone’s probably jealous of it. And when I’m not working, I’ve been seeing friends from high school or just hanging outside. Today I met my friend for lunch, and then I sat by my grandma’s pool for a while. It’s been a pretty laid back summer, which I’m glad about- it’s really everything I’ve expected after such a hectic first year at college. And on July 5th, I’m taking the Megabus to Chicago to visit one of my friends from school! I’m really excited about it, and looking forward to a nice time there.