New York and the Airport Fiasco

07.20.2013 | Current Events

So my last post was about summer beginning, and now it's already July 21st. How the time flies! I've been working 9-5 everyday, and have been learning a lot, but it's sure kept me busy. But here's a story that I felt is worth sharing.

statue of libertyI went to New York the weekend of July 5th to visit friends who are there for the summer. I had never been to NYC before, so it was really fun seeing all the sights. I got to see the Statue of Liberty (which was somewhat smaller than I expected), the new World Trade Center, MoMa, Time Square, Central Park, etc etc. I had a smooth flight in and a great weekend, and I was scheduled to fly out of Laguardia at 6:00 pm on Sunday evening. I took a taxi to the airport, got my boarding pass, and waited at the gate. We boarded the plane pretty much on time, but the plane regretfully didn't have air conditioning. (They had tried to fix it previously, and only got it working a tiny bit near the front of the plane.) I presumed we would be taking off shortly.

Instead, we sat on the runway for 2.75 hours. By that time we had run out of water and food, and needed to go back to the gate since it's illegal to sit for more than 3 hours. We were told that they were cancelling all westbound flights due to weather and that there were no more flights that evening to Cleveland–the earliest we would be able to get out would be tomorrow afternoon. We were all very upset. I hadn't eaten since early afternoon, but I needed to stand in line to rebook my flight. We stood for about 2 hours, and I finally rebooked to a 1:00pm for Monday. Thankfully, my friend was able to rescue me from the airport–she found me in quite the state, sitting on the floor by the ticketing booth.

The next day prompted much deja vu while taking a cab back to LGA. I got my boarding pass, and got to my gate early. We boarded a bit late, as they were installing a new radio part on the plane. We were on the plane for a total of 5 minutes when the captain announced that the radio part was bad, and he didnt know what the status of the flight would be–we were getting off the plane. At this point I was in disbelief, as I watched my flight get pushed back to 2:30, then 3:00, and then officially cancelled. I got rebooked on a 4:45 to Cleveland, and waited with fingers crossed that I would get out, and I did. Finally. Third time's a charm, right?

I sure do miss my friends and it was a great time, but Laguardia, I sure do NOT miss you at all.


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