Nights at the... CPC?

06.29.2011I’ll admit: it has been quite odd not doing much artwork over the summer. I swore at the end of the semester, and several times during finals week, that I would not touch my art supplies until next year. But I actually kind of miss them. And, I miss nights at the Rike, (aka long nights working on art projects with friends at the Rike Center art studios.) But next year, the Rike will be no more! I’ll be working in the CPC building, which stands for College Park Center, located on Brown Street. It’s a massive building that houses a variety of new classrooms, offices, etc. But the art department has officially moved there and so a lot of my life will be spent there . I’m super excited about this- the Rike was tiny and not necessarily the nicest building on campus. But the CPC is awesome- it’s huge and has a ton of equipment and lots of space, so I’m really lucky to be getting to work there. And also, while I was exploring one day, I found that there’s a lobby on the art floor with a vending machine and a microwave. So that when friends and I are working late into the night, we can make Easy Mac. Score.