Nights at the Rike


ThatÂ’s what theyÂ’ve been officially named. ItÂ’s when you have art projects to work on over the weekend that are due on Monday. The best way my friend Lauren and I have found to work on them is to spend a very long amount of time in the Rike Center art studios. To make the projects not seem as bad, we started going together last semester so that we could work at the same time, play music, take breaks every 5 minutes, etc. And now, weÂ’ve started inviting our friends.

Nights at the Rike consist of Lauren and me, as well as our friends who are non-art majors and still want to hang out with us. These nights also involve various things that have nothing to do with our projects. For example: blasting the Rike playlist, making runs to KU or the Empo for snacks, exploring all the classrooms in the Rike, letting the non-art major friends paint pictures, dancing, playing guitar, and so on. Last night, however, took Nights at the Rike to another level entirely.

It was planned from the beginning of the day that Lauren and I would be in need of a night at the Rike after dinner. So, a bunch of us got dinner together, and planned to meet back at the Rike after we got all our things together. I went up to my room and grabbed my guitar, while our friend Katie grabbed her laptop. Mary Catherine supplied the oreos. Altogether, there were 6 of us all hanging out in the art studio. Our friend Katie then had the genius idea to hook her computer up to the projector equipment, and so we pulled down the projector screen and watched things from Hulu. It was absolutely great- and there were no signs saying we couldnÂ’t use the projector, so it was totally legitimate. :)

Transforming time consuming art projects into Nights at the Rike has thus far been awesome.