Old camera fun

03.06.2012Over break, my family and I went over to my grandma's house. Knowing that I'm into photography and had to take film photography last semester, my grandma asked if I wanted to see all her old cameras. I didn't know how many she would have, but I surely wasn't expecting the amount she brought out. Cameras of all kinds! Polaroids, ones with huge flashes attached to the side, even one that just looked like a little box where the film had to be loaded in the dark. I want to say there were about 6-8 cameras total. My family and I took them all out of their boxes and started trying to figure out how they worked. With some of them, we didn't even know where to look to see what we were taking a picture of! We all looked so funny messing around with them. Then my dad introduced me to the flash cube : a little cube that attaches to the top of the camera and contains 4 separate flashes that melt the plastic within the cube. I've never seen them before, but I sure got to see one that night. My dad snapped a picture with the flash cube on, not knowing if it would go off, but it definitely did, followed by a plume of white smoke. We were all so surprised that we laughed hysterically about it - we weren't expecting it to actually work, being as old as it was. My grandma let me take 2 cameras back to school to show my photography teacher. I'm sure she'll get a kick out of them as much as I did; I plan to show her on Thursday!