One more day!


I cannot wait until spring break. Though, it’s not really much of a break – it’s technically only 2 days plus the weekend. I’ll be done with school after my last class tomorrow, and then my parents are will be coming to get me that evening. Tomorrow should be a really good day, because 1) I have my art classes, and 2) I don’t have any midterms! I had two of them today, and I think they went alright. I hope so, at least.

My history midterm was two in class essays that our teacher randomly picked out of a hat this morning. This was a little bit stressful, but I had prepared fairly well and was happy with the choices I had. I was able to write 5 and a half pages in an hour and 15 minutes. I also had a sociology midterm that was a little bit tricky, but I’m hoping I did okay on it. On the plus side, I got out 45 minutes early and was able to enjoy a nice quiet walk back to Stuart.

Currently I’m sitting on my bed blogging and listening to Jack Johnson. I don’t have all that much homework tonight since my midterms are over. Maybe I’ll read or get ahead on some of my work, or play guitar. (I’ll probably choose to play guitar.) Later I’ll be meeting up with the normal dinner crew at 6 at Marycrest. We always have a ton of people- I love it. And I’ll definitely miss them over break. But, I definitely need a break, that’s for sure. I miss my family so much, and I’m so excited to see everyone when I get back.