HavenÂ’t blogged for a little while. IÂ’ve been working! (And playing piano and rollerblading on my days off.) Now you basically know what IÂ’ve been up to. IÂ’ll go more in depth.

I work at a garden center as previously mentioned. IÂ’ve only worked twice but I feel like IÂ’ve been there for a lot longer. I am still trying to memorize where everything is in the store, as well as the prices of various flowers. I work mainly on the inside of the shop as the cashier and phone-answerer. It doesnÂ’t seem hard, but itÂ’s actually quite a bit to learn.

Thus far it always happens that when there is a line of people, the phone is also ringing endlessly. I’m trying to ring someone up while the lady on the phone is generally asking something like, “Do you have your bougainvillea in?” One: I don’t know what that even is. Two: therefore I don’t know if it’s in our garden. Three: I have customers waiting. This tri-fold thought generally comes out in sentence form as a friendly, “Let me put you on hold and check really quick!” Then I either yell to someone outside to take the phone, or I go out myself and ask if we have bougainvillea, never finding out what it looks like, other than perhaps what colors it comes in.

Then sometimes people call in with mulch orders, which take a good 5 minutes to write down on the delivery form. I need to know a name, address, phone number, what color mulch, how much mulch, delivery fee, directions to the house, and a credit card number, expiration date, and security code if the person pays over the phone. I also need to specify where the mulch is being dumped, making sure the customer understands that the truck is backing in, and thus his right is often different than the driverÂ’s. This sometimes causes confusion.

Today I did all of these things in addition to sweeping the front sidewalk and inside, dusting the shelves, washing the glass windows, rearranging and pricing items, and trimming the yellow leaves off flats of tomato plants. And only on my second day!