04.19.2012Okay. Life has gotten exponentially more complicated and crazy. There are two big opportunities that came up, and I'll probably find out the results of them next week. 1. My professor recommended that I apply for the position of assistant design director for Orpheus, the art and literary publication for campus. It comes out once a semester, and if I got the position next year, I would be assistant design director, meaning I would be designing the layout of the book itself. The next year, I would be THE design director. Which would look awesome on a resume, and would just be overall an amazing experience. I sent in my application today, and I may have an interview coming up soon.. so we'll see! 2. I got an email about an artist and residency program (AIR) here are UD this summer. Essentially, I would get paid to create art work for a certain place on campus, and I could go in almost any direction with what I wanted to do. I would also get to live on campus for free, and I would have my own studio. Basically, it's an opportunity I feel like I can't pass up. Applications for that are due on Monday, so you better believe I'm filling one out. I'm not sure if I'll get one of the spots, but how cool would it be if I did?! So basically, I'll be finding out about these two potentially life-altering events within the next couple weeks. Be prepared for posts about what happens!! Wish me luck!