Orchid Mania


I was watching TV one night while I was home, and my family and I saw a commercial for something called “Orchid Mania.” This caught my attention because orchids are my all time favorite flowers. This orchid mania was a show that was going to be at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens – I wasn’t able to catch the date fast enough on the TV. So my mom went online and looked up the dates of the show, and we found out that it would be going on while I was home. (We saw the commercial on Friday night, so we decided to go Saturday.)

I was super excited, since this was something different to do. We went down to the botanical gardens around 2:30 in the afternoon and wandered through the various rooms of orchids. There were so many! Purple ones, orange ones, blue ones, red, pink - basically every color. It was great. The one room was basically like a rainforest room, and there were orchids arranged all around. There were also butterflies and birds and waterfalls. When we were done walking around, I had in mind to buy an orchid for my dorm room, but 1) they were really expensive, and 2) I would probably kill it, since they’re fairly high maintenance.

After we left the botanical gardens, we went to Little Italy, which was only like 5 minutes away. We ate at this (obviously) Italian restaurant that was very good. And after that, we bought cookies at a bakery across the street. (They’re currently sitting on my desk in my room now…yessss.) And later that night I was able to see one of my friends who was on her spring break! So all in all, it was a great time. Though unfortunately now I have to do all the work I didn’t do over break…

Oops. :)