Orpheus position!!!

04.24.2012One of the opportunities in the previous blog came to fruition today! I was interviewing for the position of assistant designer for Orpheus, the art and literary magazine at UD. I thought the interview had gone pretty well - I was able to answer the questions they asked me, and I presented some of my work to them too. I also asked quite a few questions, which I think is always helpful in an interview. They told me they would get back to me in 2 weeks or so. But much to my surprise, I got an email back 5 hours later saying they wanted to offer me the position!!! (Of course, I accepted.) Allow me to back up to before college began in order to adequately express my excitement. When I was on my campus visit here, I remember sitting in Albert Emmanuel hall before the tour, and picking up a copy of Orpheus. I recall thinking how awesome and artsy it was, and that it was something I wanted to get involved with somehow if I ended up coming to UD. Well, now I at UD and I am involved with Orpheus - involved in the actual book design itself. I get to help come up with the layout, the cover image, the inside pages, everything. I am BEYOND pumped!!!! Plus, this means 4 pretty darn nice portfolio pieces by the time I graduate.